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Mediterranean Cabbage Wraps

This is one of my favorite quick and easy healthy meals. Throughout the warmer months and into early fall, I probably eat this once a week at least. The idea of eating a raw cabbage leaf on its own is hardly appetizing, but with the right combo of ingredients cabbage becomes neutral in flavor and performs beautifully as a sturdy, fiber-ful, ultra-healthy, gluten-free, low-glycemic wrap.

Experiment and make it your own with different variations. A Mediterranean flavour profile combines better with hummus than Asian herbs and flavours, so think herbs like thyme, rosemary, oregano, sweet basil and parsley for this dish. Add-ons like olive tapenade, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, artichoke tapenade and lemon all marry well together.

Make your own hummus or cheat with a good quality store-bought hummus, but check for harmful preservatives like sodium or potassium benzoate, sodium nitrate, MSG or added sugar, which you really don’t want spoiling the healthy veggie karma of this meal.

Cabbage Wraps


Serves: 4 as an appetizer, 2 as a main dish, or about 3 wraps per person

Prep Time: 15 mins if hummus is already prepared, 30 mins with cooked or canned chickpeas


5 handfuls chopped greens, baby kale, chard, beet greens, watercress, or lettuce mix 6 leaves of either Chinese (Napa), Savoy, white, green or pointed cabbage 1 large or 2 small carrots, chopped into matchsticks or grated 1 small beet, peeled and grated

Herb Topping

1 spring onion, finely chopped mixed sprouts like radish, alfalfa, or lentil 2 small handfuls chopped herbs of choice, such as basil and/or parsley


1 Tbsp or 15-20g hummus per wrap, depending on leaf size 100-150g of hummus for 6 wraps

OR to make hummus from scratch: 200g cooked or canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed 2 Tbsp or 30ml extra virgin olive oil Juice of one lemon 1 clove of garlic 1 Tbsp or 15g tahini 1 Tsp or 5g cumin powder Salt, pepper, paprika or chili powder to taste

Lemon Vinaigrette

Juice of one lemon* 2 Tbs or 30ml olive oil Salt and pepper to taste

*If the lemon is dry, add a splash of light vinegar like apple, coconut or white wine

Optional Toppings

Sun dried tomato (rehydrated in warm water for an hour, finely chopped) Olive tapenade or chopped green or black olives Basil, rocket or red pepper pesto Roasted paprika peppers


Carefully separate the cabbage leaves from the head, then wash and dry on a kitchen towel or just let them air dry. You can cut Savoy or Oxheart cabbage leaves in half to make smaller wraps. Chop the basil, green onion and parsley together.

Make your hummus by combining the spices, oil, lemon juice and garlic in the blender or food processor until smooth. You may need to turn the ingredients in between pulses by pushing them down the sides with a spatula. Next, make your lemon vinaigrette by combining all the ingredients in a small jar with a lid for easy shaking. Set it aside.

Cabbage wraps

Cabbage Wraps and hummus

The Wrap

Assemble leaves on plates or one large platter, 2-3 leaves per person or more if you cut leaves in half. Spread a spoon or two of hummus on each cabbage leaf in the center. Mix the greens, beets and carrots with the lemon dressing in a bowl and add the mix to each wrap. Finish with the herb topping and sprouts, wrap it or pick it up like a taco and enjoy!

Buffet Style

I do this when entertaining or if I want more variety. Kids love building their own wrap! Serving buffet style offers everyone the option to make their own wrap by setting out each ingredient separately on the table, including the bonus Optional Toppings in small dishes. It makes for a beautiful veggie spread and feast for the eyes!

Bon appétit!

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