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Cabbage Crush Series

Plain and honest cabbage. So underrated!

I recently developed a cabbage crush. This dirt-cheap and deeply nutritious member of the cruciferous family (broccoli, its sexy cousin kale, and cauliflower) is truly versatile. For Korean and Chinese cooks, the modest cabbage plays a principal vegetarian role through fermentation and stir-fry. Mexicans put it in tacos, Americans in slaw, Lebanese often eat hummus with it instead of bread, and the chefs at Danish foodie mecca NOMA even made it into ice cream!

Cabbage recipes

Most of us are familiar with the less glamorous (but still great) colon-cleansing effects of the humble cabbage. At its worst, cabbage may be blamed for a gassy situation, but not so with the recipes presented in this series. Fermentation, cooking methods and food combinations (don’t eat it with dairy, for example) have much to do with that most—and maybe only—undesirable aspect of dear cabbage.

Full of cancer-fighting and -preventing glucosinolates, which are best preserved by eating it raw or pickled, cabbage is an alkaline-forming food. It boosts the immune system and is great for reducing high cholesterol, swelling and even arthritis inflammation! Sometimes even a topical application or poultice will take down swelling from an injury.

There are many reasons to love the most ordinary cabbage, and here are three uncommon ways to appreciate it:

  • Quick Vegan Kimchi

  • Mediterranean Cabbage Wraps

  • Lavender & Coconut Ice Cream (yes, with cabbage)

Stay tuned for the lovely Kimchi recipe!

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